Like many of the features we’ve added since our launch earlier this year, AMP’s new Project Management module was born out of a need to strike a balance between ease of use, and depth of understanding.

New in AMP: Project Management

There are a lot of project management tools out there, and as a vendor that has used many of them with our clients, we’ve discovered that most of those tools are either too simple to be useful for complex but critical tasks, or are far too complex for our clients to keep their data up to date and make good use of it.


AMP provides a welcome alternative to the information overload that comes with other project management tools, giving our clients the ability to show users only the critical action items that they’re authorized to take action on.

Here are some of our favorite highlights from the Project Management update:

  • Get an at-a-glance view that makes it easy to dive into the details with AMP’s Project Management Dashboard.
  • Quickly and easily define Projects that help you manage updates across your network, fixture replacements, and other strategic tasks with many moving parts.
  • Customize each Project for its exact needs, so you’re not stuck using templates that don’t evolve with your projects and processes.
  • Attach documents to projects, and even to specific sites, saving you time that’d be wasted sifting through documents related to other locations.

Want to learn more about how AMP can help you manage projects across your network?

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