Since we launched AMP’s Campaign Distribution System, we’ve been expanding upon it to create better tools for managing all of the documents that are distributed throughout a network.

AMP’s goal is to be the source for managing all of the marketing communications that are distributed throughout the bank branches we serve. To that end, we are happy to announce our new Collateral Management Tool, designed to eliminate the complexity of managing countless brochures, take-ones, sales sheets and other collateral pieces by automating the distribution across the fixtures in each branch.

A branch might have a dozen posters on display, but when it comes to collateral, there can easily be quantities of thousands and tens of thousands serving a variety of purposes. To account for that higher volume, we’ve expanded our campaign distribution algorithm to meet the challenges that come with managing a wider variety of materials.

We’ve also made it possible for our clients to customize collateral management based on their specific needs by enabling the system to be configured in two different ways:

  1. The first method links specific collateral to specific campaign content via its fixture. The system will references the fixture and its content and automatically assign the appropriate collateral pairing.
  2. The second method distributes and places collateral based on content priority. If a bank wants to promote mortgages during a certain time period, they designate a mortgage brochure as a priority item. As the system places brochures throughout the branch, the mortgage brochure will be allocated to more fixtures and the branch will receive more mortgage brochures to fill those spaces.

amp-brochuremgmt2With either method, you can get an exact count for how many hand-out pieces are needed in each branch. AMP eliminates the need for one-size-fits-all brochure packages. If a branch has ninety-seven pockets, a branch can order a shipment of exactly ninety-seven packets. When the supply is depleted, branches can easily reorder. AMP increases efficiency and decreases overhead costs by making it possible for branch managers to order marketing materials with extreme precision.


To AMP users, the Collateral Management Tool will be a natural extension of our Campaign Management Tool. Using the same zones that display wall-mounted and free-standing fixture content, the planogram can now also show collateral. Like previous AMP features, collateral management is optimized for both large and small-scale administration. Bank administrators will have the option to view the details pertaining to an individual branch or to see a comprehensive overview of placement across the entire network. AMP also makes it easy to target placement of brochures regionally to be compatible with other marketing materials. The same reports that specify status and compliance for posters within branches now also include collateral status and compliance, providing greater visibility into the presentation of these items in the branch. To make ordering easy, we have developed an optional ordering module, streamlining the process of reordering when the stock of a particular item has become depleted.

The Collateral Management System offers a new dimension of efficiency and effectiveness to AMP users.  By eliminating costly over-ordering and inexact distribution, branch managers and administrators will find their marketing materials cause less hassle and are more effective marketing tools. AMP makes it easy and efficient to implement a holistic, coordinated strategy between posters and brochures.

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