One of the most useful tools we’ve built into AMP is its extensive – and easily extendable – Custom Reporting feature.

By providing many perspectives and a wide variety of information on the physical branch, AMP makes it easy to track every detail so that nothing falls through the cracks.

The Branch Health Index

The Branch Health Index is a feature that allows the client to easily assess the condition of all aspects of the branch environment. Using a variety of metrics that are defined based on client priorities, we rate aspects of the branch on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the ideal industry implementation, and 5 being an aspect that requires imminent update or replacement. Both interior and exterior features are considered, as well the efficacy of marketing and personnel features. The BHI makes it easy to see which features of a branch require renovation and ensures that clients put their time and money into projects that truly optimize the branch experience.

Defining Primary Branch Characteristics

In addition to collecting data directly related to in-branch marketing, AMP makes it easy to track and utilize a variety of data points pertaining to the physical characteristics of a branch. Data on primary branch characteristics is invaluable in developing new marketing and branding initiatives while ensuring that every branch has the information they need to work effectively.

Clients can use it to track the number and placement windows for marketing campaigns, determine which branches are up for renovation in a calendar year, figure out what visibility issues may present themselves based on the location of nearby obstructions, or any number of other factors that contribute to the overall branch experience.


Some branches even use it to track elements of the branch that don’t relate to branding, but need to be controlled for to keep things running smoothly. Clients have integrated useful data to record everything from the serial numbers and service dates on their ATMs to marking the location of employee compliance information to recording how many computers are in a branch.

Projects Initiatives and Milestones

Successfully initiating and completing a project requires a large amount of information to be stored and disseminated efficiently. What date is the surveyor expected to be there? What’s his name? Who should he talk to when he arrives? When will his work be completed? AMP has the option to store these vital data points, along with status and completion dates of project tasks and milestones.

If the personnel at a branch are responsible for completing an action, they are able to log-in to the system and mark its status as “complete.” If Adrenaline is doing the work, we’ll mark the tasks we complete upon each site visit. This takes information out of email chains, where things can be missed or forgotten, and puts it all in a place where the client can see progress in real time.

Access to this kind information keeps a project running smoothly, preventing miscommunication and other errors that restrict quality and impede progress.

Seeing From Different Distances

From the corporate perspective, a bank is a giant network consisting of many different regions. Using AMP’s Customized Reporting features, the administrators overseeing those regions can get a broader perspective on the implementation of marketing features.

This can be vital when introducing new signage or a marketing campaign. If many branches in a certain region are behind deadline on posting materials, then the regional staff who have relationships with those branches are able to log in and see exactly which branches haven’t taken care of their posters yet. Then they’re able to work with the personnel at those branches directly and solve the problem without involving upper levels of management.

Connecting the corporate-level leadership with these mid-level managers who have direct relationships with those branches makes it easier than ever to understand the bank from top to bottom and help enhance branch communication to ensure the branches are representing the various initiatives as intended.

The Right Tools For Your Branch

Based on their individual needs, a client can opt into or out of any of AMP’s tracking and reporting features. To enable customized features that meet the specific requirements of any client, AMP is built with a customizable foundation that makes it easy for our team to add new features. If a customer comes to us with a list or spreadsheet on hand that contains the data they want to track, integration into AMP is simple and cost effective.

Through AMP we are able to help with even the most specific or specialized client requests. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the banking industry, but no one knows the needs of our clients better than they do themselves.

By building AMP on a foundation of flexibility, we’re able to quickly and inexpensively expand its features to meet those exact needs. The freedom we have to customize our product allows the companies that use AMP to function at the peak of their abilities: to easily manage existing features and to seamlessly introduce the new ones that will build a better product for our clients. The configuration and customized reporting within AMP makes this all possible.

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