AMP is a Portal Built by Bankers to solve the needs of Bankers, helping to manage unique needs of physical branch networks.

As a core part of our merchandising services, Adrenaline assists clients in managing marketing, merchandising, and compliance within their branch networks.  We have watched clients struggle with inefficient messaging systems and inventory management, leading to millions of dollars lost on marketing campaigns that deliver poor returns. Several years of experience in helping clients alleviate these sometimes elusive logistical concerns led us to create AMP.


Enter AMP, a portal built by bankers, for bankers.


Designed and developed by Adrenaline, AMP is a fully customizable web portal built for every level of branch management. It provides a centralized point to actively manage all locations in a network. It houses many types of data from floor plans to site photos to fixtures to ongoing campaigns. Most critically, AMP is built to order to fit the needs of individual clients. Adrenaline knows that each bank’s needs are unique and AMP is fully customizable to conveniently provide the exact services required.


Use planograms to determine collateral opportunities. Share documents and access storage. Order replacement parts and confirm compliance. Ensure production needs and kitting reports.


With AMP, you can manage and collaborate seamlessly with an interface that’s as intuitive as it is intelligent. Initial client adopters of AMP have reported that the ease of generating lists, data, campaigns, and communications has made for a dramatic improvement in their day-to-day operations, maximizing both time and capital.


AMP’s efficient and streamlined systems benefit multiple constituencies within an organization.  First foremost, AMP provides a vital tool for retail banking and marketing, who work together to develop messaging and distribution. All too often, a marketing campaign’s end result is a far cry from the intended vision. A range of problems can plague these efforts: the size and quantities of printed materials provided don’t match fixtures, out-of-date collateral isn’t discarded, and homegrown merchandising rears its ugly head. With data from AMP’s intuitive user interface, clients can easily match automatically generated planograms to floor plans and messaging to fixtures through a web portal specific to their site. Campaign messages can be customized by region and within various zones of each branch. Automated inventory tracking makes production and fulfillment a breeze for marketing and retail managers and deployment progress can be tracked in detail by branch.  Instead focusing on fixing fractured processes and overspending on inefficient systems, clients can focus on developing more targeted retail strategies.


AMP’s tools and systems also benefit facility managers. They get access to an online branch library with comprehensive site survey data, detailed floor plans, interior and exterior photo suites, equipment inventory, maintenance schedules, warranty information, and more. They can track and manage maintenance requests, damages, and even reorder product. When it’s time for a more substantial change, AMP provides security and ease in managing branch renovation and refresh initiatives.

Human resources and compliance benefit from AMP’s detailed planograms, which allow them to view the location of required messaging in each branch, how it’s positioned, and whether it complies with all legal requirements. AMP can even simplify the posting of personnel rosters of current branch staff.  Finally, AMP allows for integration of many vendors and partner efforts. Data from ATMs, signage systems, fixture manufacturers, kitting/shipping, production lists, and more are all integrated into the AMP portal. Some vendors have found AMP so valuable in maintaining consistency and regular reports that they’ve offered to underwrite its cost for their clients.

The beauty of AMP is that it does not force a client to fit within a set of constraints, but rather, each portal is designed based on a client’s individual needs and strategies.


At Adrenaline, we engage actively with clients at project kickoff to assess their exact needs for system functionality, design strategy, and marketing collateral. From setup to programming, data collection to customer service, we provide end-to-end customized solutions for banks and their branches.


Integrated directly into AMP is Customer Journey zoning, the methodology Adrenaline uses in the planning and design of retail experiences. Floor plans are color-coded with zone designations, using our Journey format or a modified version based on a client’s needs.  Content is most effective when created with message deployment in mind and AMP handily facilitates this.


Taking content localization a step further, AMP allows for regionally specific campaign deployment, enabling a client to create highly targeted and localized campaigns within a certain geographic area.


AMP was developed to be adaptable to the changing nature of retail banking and has the ability to evolve for the benefit of its users.  Adrenaline’s development team is continually optimizing AMP functionality and adding new modules and features, all of which become immediately available to new and existing clients. As a financial institution expands or changes its own physical branch network, AMP changes with it: Our team will continue to track and analyze data and rapidly answer to additional needs and requests in real time.


We’re proud to announce that with greater customization comes a lower price point. Today, AMP is the only fully customizable branch portal in the marketplace. And we guarantee that the efficiencies recognized in personnel time and outside cost savings more than pay for the subscription cost.


AMP was born of an intimate knowledge of retail banking needs, and developed by some of the greatest industry minds. We understand your problems – AMP is your solution. Interesting in finding out more?