The Individualized View of Each Site's Information is accessible to that location manager, and any other users in the regional or network chain.

The ability for each location manager to view and manage their individual sites may be the greatest benefit and lifeblood of the AMP platform.

Every Branch and Regional Manager has complete access to the locations they oversee. Their site information, updates, and messages are immediately viewable in their personalized Home tab.


Clicking on Info reveals a customizable array of site data, from address and hours, to region and district, to specific information about project initiatives at the site.


The Actions page reveals up-to-date information on actions required by the site manager, from content updates to the placement and removal of temporary fixtures, and allows verification of completion when each task is completed.


The Plans tab shows an annotated and to-scale floor plan view of the physical site, inclusive of all merchandising displays, digital technology, retail infrastructure and architectural features. Further, the site environment is color-coded according to application of our Customer Journey Zoning Strategy. READ MORE…


Photos provides a 360-degree view of the site location, from exterior to interior and floor to ceiling. Browsable from thumbnail or slideshow view, the photo library provides a visual record of physical conditions throughout the branch.



The Fixtures section shows a comprehensive list of all fixtures including visual thumbnails and an easy re-order function for replacement fixtures or service requests.


Content is an area to view the latest campaign content that should be applied to the retail environment and a means to order replacement content. It shows the medium type, aspect ratio, size, material, and a thumbnail image of the correct message, making campaign application near fool-proof.