In-branch merchandising that is locally and regionally customized to market can be extremely advantageous, yet are often so complex to deploy that well-intended efforts never get off the ground. See how AMP Takes the Pain out of the Logistics...

Locally customized marketing can be exceptionally valuable in a branch environment; it reinforces brand relevance and loyalty, allowing branches to form more intimate relationships with the communities they serve. However, the effort necessary to produce targeted, localized messaging can place an enormous burden on marketing teams due to the logistical nightmare of segmenting locations and managing multiple versions of content.

We’ve created AMP to overcome such difficulties, giving branches the freedom to create, manage, and implement regional campaigns seamlessly. Using AMP’s streamlined portal, clients can create “sets” of branches, remote ATM’s, and other locations that can then be assigned their own regional or local messaging while maintaining the brand’s look, feel, and global governance.

With AMP, branches have never been more equipped to speak each audience’s language. AMP allows implementation of campaigns more quickly and cost-effectively, too. Since no special planning is involved in the placement, production, or distribution of materials, an organization can fully focus their efforts on the message and ensure that they are targeting the right group at the right time.

In one example, a Philadelphia-area bank wanted to deploy a marketing campaign highlighting the brand’s affiliation with its hometown football team, the Eagles.

In a second case, a client with branches situated in a large college towns deployed a messaging campaign focused on student-specific content, all of which becomes integrated into their global messaging scheme.

With AMP, the implementation time and effort involved in executing both of these initiatives was drastically reduced when compared to historical campaigns of the same type.

With AMP, total branch control rests in your hands. Branch regions can be incorporated into merchandising fixtures ranging from window clings to kiosks, wall frames to temporary signage. Most branches, who also feature digital displays or rotating digital content, can also specialize this messaging in the same fashion.

AMP creates the ideal environment for a “shared-service” marketing team, all marketing management can be done from a central hub. Once content is created for the specific region, an image is uploaded to AMP and the desired region is selected. The campaign is then integrated into the global governance for the branch network. Branches that are included intros region will be automatically have this message incorporated into their distribution counts, and provide each branch location with specific instructions regarding where merchandising items should be placed.

Individuals involved in the campaign generally include a product manager, the team responsible for content creation, and one or two individuals in charge of distribution of materials. The entire marketing team operates from a shared system, including manufacturing and distribution partners, so everyone is — quite literally — on the same page. With AMP, it’s never been a better time to bring branches to life.  To learn more about AMP’s special features and how the portal can work for your branch, contact us today.

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